so i did one of these giveaways a while ago with a lot of success and i just got paid so why not do another one!!

rayyylmao’s binder giveaway 2: electric boogaloo!

this binder in particular is pretty darn great as a first binder, i think. it’s pretty cozy, breathable, i can manage to wear it for eight hours or so without much discomfort too. i ordered mine in xl and it fit my bust really great (i’m a size 38D), flattens them down great, especially in a larger and loose fitting shirt, and you probably adjust it about as much as a normal bra so it’s a darn fine binder

the rules (there’s always rules)

  • this is open for trans/nb people only!! i will be doing a cosplay binder giveaway soon but for now, this is for my trans brothers and nb siblings NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  • please just one like and one reblog! and no giveaway blogs either i will check!!
  • you don’t have to follow me but i’m cool and i post plants and aesthetic things and maybe you’ll get some other surprises if you do who knows
  • i will ship anywhere and everywhere!
  • ending date is 15th august!! then i will pick a winner with a random number generator and the winner will be contacted!

good luck! and if you don’t want the binder but want to share the word, please tag this “signal boost!” so i don’t count you in the giveaway! thank you!!


Moment of bravery at the vet


Moment of bravery at the vet

Artist: Bastille
Album: Pompeii
Song: Pompeii Layers
Plays: 73,149






Three different versions of Pompeii. Capitol Studios, Brit Awards performance, and the original. I don’t know what happened.

This is… AMAZING

It’s like a beautiful choir of dan smiths



nicecourfeyrack I think i just shed a lot of tears

I feel like I just rammed myself in the face with a sea urchin.

My roommate, as we move apartments


i aim for the point in a friendship when people begin to think you’re dating


Elin Jonsson



I’m so excited because I found out today that this little guy exists

He’s a Western Blind Snake and he looks like a very shiny earthworm


Keep smiling always like a flower.


the single most accurate description of this movie i have seen

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